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Beth Cuddy Photography
Needham, MA

Hi!  Thank you for visiting!  I’d love to share a bit here, and hopefully answer some of your questions. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of our getting to know each other.

In my work as a photographer and a mom of four, I have learned some important things – that our kids are wonderful and precious, in all their “imperfect” moments. That we parents, too, are dedicated, loving and great, even as we make our mistakes and learn from them.  That our children grow up fast, and so we should not put off celebrating our lives, waiting until we lose those extra pounds or our son’s braces come off.  That capturing these fleeting days will absolutely be worth it.

As a young girl, I loved poring over the pages of our family’s photo albums, especially when a friend was over.  Sitting on the orange shag rug in our family room, showing a friend pictures of my grandparents, my mom’s childhood dog named Fig Newton, and our family’s first house in New Jersey, made me feel that my friend was really getting to know me.  I loved that my friends could “see” my relatives, our dog who had passed away, what I looked like as a baby.  Later, in college, then while in graduate school, working in schools, and then raising my own family, I always loved using my camera, building our own family albums and creating our own stories.

Remembering to capture the precious, day-to-day moments is huge.  When my youngest daughter turned two, we had a flower-garden themed party for her May birthday, inspired I think by some adorable wheelbarrow stickers I had found somewhere. As the guests began to arrive, she climbed up the stairs from our playroom, wearing those sunglasses where each lens flips open and closed, a purple boa, pink tutu and strappy silver sandals.  Now that she’s 15, and probably would not want to wear that ensemble again, I can’t even describe how glad I am to have taken photos of her as she twirled around with a fairy wand.

I’ve felt the crazy stress of being the mom whose child will have nothing to do with the special outfit that’s been lovingly planned for her.  Back several years ago, as our family pulled our minivan into the parking lot for my college friend’s wedding, our seven year old announced she would not be wearing her junior bridesmaid dress.  She would wear her red velour pantsuit.  So, what did I do?  I did what any panicking mom who was also the matron of honor might do – I looked desperately into my husband’s eyes and said something like, “THIS!  CAN’T!  HAPPEN!”

So yes, I’ve lived and learned, as my small children have become teens and young adults.  And I’ve developed my passion for portrait photography, taking courses so that I can create the beautiful, timeless images you will cherish forever.  I know there are many questions most new clients have: I understand your need to figure out what you’d like to do with the art we create.  I can help with that.  We can discuss the options.  I can advise you on clothing choices, color palettes, and special locations for your session, that will resonate with your vision.  I’ll share tips and tricks for creating a smooth session.  And don’t worry, I love finding that silly sound or funny story that will start your family smiling and laughing!

When I photograph tiny newborns and slightly bigger littles, I tune into feeding times, napping routines, and keeping everyone safe, warm and happy.  With older children and teens, I make sure there is always freedom to be playful, have fun, and to let kids express their unique personalities.

And if you are having a head shot session, whether it be in my studio or in a setting that reflects you and your area of expertise, the goal is always a striking portrait, in a professional, relaxed atmosphere.  I want to give you portraits that reveal your best self – attractive, intelligent, creative and vibrant.

If you haven’t already, I welcome you to check out the images on my website, and see if they are what you are looking for.  When you see these photos, know that we can take wonderful images of YOU, too!  It’s not about you being perfect – it’s about creating a beautiful, flattering and natural reflection of who you are.  You will receive images that are professional, gently edited for light, color, composition warm skin tone. The very best of our session.  You’ll love the results!

And maybe someday your child will sit on your family room rug and slowly turn those album pages with her friends, loving the memories.

One more thing.  As parents, grandparents or other adults who love children and care deeply about their wellbeing, I want you to know that Beth Cuddy Photography is committed to supporting the lives of children and their families.  We donate 10% of each session total to Family Service of Greater Boston, who, since 1835, has carried out the mission “to promote the self sufficiency and well-being of at-risk children, youth and families by providing innovative, culturally competent and integrated social services to help people reach their fullest potential.”  I’m sure we share the wish for all children to lead happy, healthy lives.

If you feel that my work is what you’re interested in, and you’d like to be in touch, just send me an email at bethmacgregorcuddy@gmail.com.  I’d love to get started!