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Absolutely One Thing
by Lauren Child
2016 Candlewick Press

Charlie and Lola are the most adorable brother and sister duo ever! My kids and I have loved every one of their adventures. And this latest book is just as charming. Lauren Child has created the cutest illustrations and story of these two kiddos out and about, on the way to the store with their mom. Lola in her spotted dress and striped tights, with her yellow jacket, and her big brother in jeans and a bright green hooded jacket. I love their giant, expressive eyes – they’ll capture your heart.

Charlie is patiently trying to teach Lola about numbers. Adding, subtracting, what comes after 12…..

                            “How many shoes would fifty or twenty-seventeen ladybugs need, Charlie?” Lola asks.

                                            “None, ladybugs DON’T WEAR SHOES,” answers Charlie.

Lola guesses how many drops fall when it rains….
                          “a squillion?”

Mom has one rule at the store. Charlie and Lola may each choose one thing.

But that proves very hard for Lola. VERY hard!
                              Not three things…not two things….

Kids will love joining Charlie and Lola, as they explore numbers and the world around them in a funny, playful way!


Getting your family ready for a photo session can be a daunting, overwhelming thing, I know!  It can leave you feeling frazzled, and feeling like the last thing you want to do is have your picture taken.  Well, I understand that feeling, and have been through it myself, when my four children were younger.  Here are some tips to make it easier, and to feel less stressed by the day.

  1.  Plan out everyone’s clothing ahead of time.  Make sure you know what each person will be wearing, right down to the shoes, socks and headbands!  I would love to help you figure it all out, if you’d like.  Let me know during the planning stage, and we can talk about what generally works well in photos.  I tend to prefer soft neutral colors, such as cream, white, pastels, light tan, grays and soft blues.  But, of course, we can incorporate what you love!  Casual, comfortable clothes work well.
  2. Allow plenty of time to get ready.  Try not to overshedule the day of the session.  Remember to allow enough time to drive to the location, if it’s not at your home.  You may hit traffic, or unexpected delays, and you don’t want to arrive feeling completely stressed.
  3. Natural is good!  If your kids are old enough, let them know that they don’t have to say “cheese!”  That tends to make for some very unnatural smiles!  And, everyone does not need to be looking at the camera.  Some of the most wonderful shots happen when people are looking at each other, or at something else.
  4. Remember to have fun!  Don’t hesitate to tickle, hug, toss in the air!  Laugh, kiss, snuggle, as much as you like.  Those moments are the best to capture.  And, if there’s something you all love to do together, bring it along.  It can be a toy, a fun activity or game, or maybe your favorite cookies!  The possibilities are endless.
  5. Have a snack beforehand.  Be sure your family isn’t hungry during the session, by eating something before we meet, or maybe bringing snacks (non-messy preferred!) in the car.  It’s very hard to have fun and be happy if stomachs are growling!


Hi there!

I’m so glad you’re here! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and that’s because I’ve been busy planning a new journey for us, with lots of interesting and hopefully useful content for YOU!  My blog is called Twigs and Feathers because I see this space as a home base, or a nest, if you will.  A place for us to brainstorm, relax, plan and feel comfortable in.  Twigs create the structure of our “nest”, and lining it with feathers makes it soft and comfortable.  Are you with me??!!!

In this home base, I’ll share, of course, images from my photography sessions with my great clients, but also all kinds of information that will make your life easier, or, I hope, more fun.  I can relate to your needs and things that might  be of interest to you, and I will share things that I come upon that help me as a professional, as a mom, as a person wanting a full, rich and happy life!  Just a  bit about me; I’m a mom of four wonderful kids, I have a great husband who is there for me in all life’s endeavors, and we have two sweet Golden Retrievers, Sophie and Tucker.  When I’m not photographing, I am pretty obsessed with barre classes, and good, strong coffee is part of every single day for me!  I’m usually carrying coffee in one hand, working at my computer with a favorite mug on my desk, or sticking my travel cup in my car’s cupholder…

Twigs and Feathers will have a few regular features to look forward to.  Bookshelf will highlight great kids’ books, both new and classics, and occasionally a book that I think you might like to check out.  In Cafes to Love, I’ll share great cafes that I’ve discovered, in case they’re not already on your favorites list.  And, Finding Balance will offer ways to recharge, to feel strong and healthy, and to keep our sanity in the midst of our busy lives!

So, please join me, check out what’s new here, and enjoy some company with someone who gets that life is beautiful, hard, nonstop and a gorgeous gift.  Let’s get started!