April 22, 2020

Mother’s Day is coming May 10th!  It’s not too late to make something special with your kids, for a beloved mama, grandma, auntie or friend.  Make a very personalized gift with a favorite photo.

These decorated photo frames are so fun and easy to do.  With inexpensive white photo frames, and decorative washi tape, in a few minutes you and your family can create colorful, cool frames that reflect your own unique style.


You’ll need:

Plain white photo frames, with a smooth finish on the front.  I found mine at michael’s.com, they were very inexpensive. You can buy frames in multi-packs, which lets you create lots of different colors and styles.  Hint:  Choose frames with very narrow edges, since many washi tapes are just over 1/2″ wide.

Washi tape, or other decorative tape, in different colors and designs.  Think about ordering a collection of styles, maybe coordinating colors if you want to display your frames in groupings. I go to cutetape.com.  They have a great variety, and are only a few dollars per roll.


Just tape each side of your frame with tape, folding the edges like wrapping a gift.  And add a photo that you love.  That’s it!



Have fun and let your creativity flow!  xo

Need a Mother’s Day Gift Idea?