I'm so glad you're here. I want you to feel guided, supported, and understood. I know the pressure to feel perfect on your session day. Let that go. Let me take that off your shoulders. Trust me to direct you and help you relax and enjoy your family.

I am a Boston lifestyle photographer for tender and free-spirited families


In my work as a photographer and a mom of four, I have learned some important things – that our kids are wonderful and precious, in all their “imperfect” moments. That we parents, too, are dedicated, loving and great, even as we make our mistakes and learn from them. That our children grow up fast, and so we should not put off celebrating our lives, waiting until we lose those extra pounds or our son’s braces come off. That capturing these fleeting days will absolutely be worth it. Remembering to capture the precious, day-to-day moments is huge. Every family has a beautiful story. I would love to help you tell yours!

Don't wait for perfection. It's so highly overrated. Your family is beautiful right this moment. Let me help you capture these days and create powerful images that'll grab your heart forever. 

When you look at my work, I hope you FEEL something. That is what I strive for each session. Photographs that'll make you laugh, cry, feel your joy.

I lead with my heart. I open myself up, so my families can open up too.

My Approach

I believe human connection is everything.

I believe art can change the world because it connects us to our feelings, which leads us to take action.

I believe in being vulnerable in everything we do.  

I believe chocolate cupcakes can be for breakfast.

R&B is my music and I always get out on the dance floor!

I believe as a mom of four grown humans, I can support you from experience.

A Little About Me


the wonderful details that make my life so sweet

In the summer of 1990, I married my best friend, and love of my life. Our adventure together is greater than I ever imagined.


As a photographer, my passion is giving my clients beautiful, real, images that reflect their love and connection.

03. my passion

We cherish our 4 children - three daughters (two of whom are twins!), and one son. They are our hearts, and will always be no matter how grown up they get!


I'm so lucky to have two amazing sisters, one older than I, one younger. We're very close, and we text and talk just about every day.

04. my SISTERS


"Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos. It was a pleasure working with you! I've already passed your name along to two friends!"