March 7, 2020

Moms often tell me they can’t decide whether to have their professional newborn session while they’re in the hospital, or when they get home.

There are wonderful things about each.

Photos in the hospital, are often referred to as a “Fresh 48” session,  as in the first 48 hours of your baby’s life.  These sessions are so beautiful.  They capture the brand new moments, as family and new baby are getting to know each other, are in awe of this new amazing being they are holding!  As a photographer at the hospital, I move around the room quietly and respectful of the precious time this is.  I unobtrusively photograph your newborn’s tiny fingers and toes, those precious facial expressions, and the swaddled baby in your family’s arms.  I move around to capture all different angles and perspectives.  You just do what you are doing, without direction unless you would like it.  It is about real, raw emotions, tears, laughter and amazement.  The session last 30 minutes or more, if you want.  We use just the natural light of the hospital room windows, which creates intense, emotional photos.

At home newborn sessions are equally beautiful, but in this type of session, you are in the comfort of your home, and we can capture the blankets, the furniture, the objects that are special to you. 

Many moms panic at the thought of photos being taken in their house.  What about the piles of laundry?!  The dishes we haven’t gotten to?  The nursery that’s still being set up?! 

Don’t worry.  We only need a few small areas to be straightened up for amazing photos.  And that’s part of my job, to come in and help you clear the spaces that will give us the best photos.  I’m more than happy to move clutter and clear of night tables, before we shoot.  The last thing new parents should have to stress about is straightening up for your photo shoot!

The benefits of a session in your home are many, including greater ease if you have other children you’d like to have in your photos.  Little ones are often more happy and relaxed at home.  I always take time to take some photos of other children playing with their toys, or showing me their rooms.  That usually is great for getting to know each other!

And, after reading this, you’re still not sure which you’d prefer…. you can do BOTH!  We can split the session into two shorter sessions, taking some in the hospital and some more on another day at home.  For some families, this combination is just perfect.

Questions?  Let me know at beth@bethcuddyphotography, and we can chat!

Newborn Photos: Hospital “Fresh 48” or at home?