March 17, 2020

Here are the hues I’m loving for Spring! 

These soft, natural shades are flattering for photographs, and are easy to find for moms, dads and little ones.  Look for jeans, soft blue shirts and sweaters, khaki pants for dads and boys, creams and tans for girls and guys. As for pinks, I’m loving the peachy, rosy pinks, more than the hot, bright pinks.  Pale or deeper shades, it’s up to you.  Just not hot, shocking or neon. 

Not that there’s no place for those strong colors – they can be awesome!  But I don’t think they work as well in photography, where we want to blend more with natural elements outside, and let the focus be on people’s faces, their connection with each other, and their expressions.

Notice that I haven’t included red, greens, or yellows.  These can be tough on skin tones, and can cast shades that won’t flatter.  Just a tip!

One more thing – when choosing your clothing, go for solid colors when possible.  Prints can detract, once again, from those beautiful faces and interactions where going for.  Small prints are fine, but I’d avoid larger ones.  And, graphic tees or clothes with words or logos are just best to be left for other occasions!

If you’re unsure about wardrobe choices, I’m always happy to help!  Just let me know, send me pics, and we’ll work it out together.

10 Great Colors for Your Spring Photo Session