photo of two boys in the yard playing

May 7, 2021


photo of two boys in the yard playing



There are many photographers listed, when you search for one in your area.  So, it can be very hard to know how to choose! I believe it’s most important to first see whose work speaks to you, what feelings you get when you look at the photos on a website or on social media.  Ideally, price should be secondary.  But, of course, most of us have budget limitations.  So, we often come to comparing prices.   And when you see varying prices, you may wonder what this tells you about the photographer.  Why are some prices higher than others?  What should you expect at different price levels?  As the owner of Beth Cuddy Photography, I understand how it seems that prices for a family or newborn photography session are high.  And maybe it doesn’t seem that it should be so expensive.  After all, it’s just a camera, and going somewhere to take pictures.  Why should that cost so much?


I think many people just haven’t been taught what is involved in a photo session with a professional photographer.  It’s very understandable!  There is much more to the experience than first meets the eye, whether it be for newborn photography, maternity,  or family photography.  It’s important to me to educate people about the many costs that professional photographers incur, and the amount of time that truly goes into the process from start to finish.  Our process is labor intensive,  from our emails and phone conversations in preparation for the day, to editing the photos on expensive equipment and software, in order to give our clients the very best quality photos, the clarity, color, artistic composition that we cannot get from our own snapshots.


newborn baby being held by his mother, with his grandmother hugging them. In the hospital, newborn session.



Let me outline the steps I am proud to use with each and every client, and the expenses that I have in running my business, producing high quality, personal work that you’ll treasure more each year, as your family grows.  I am so excited to share with you, so that you are able to make educated choices with greater understanding of what is important to you, and what you are getting for your investment!

I am priced according to the high-quality experience I provide, my location as a Boston photographer, and the needs of myself and my family.

1) Personal Attention.

Emails, texts, phone calls with you throughout process, as needed.

Through my questionnaire, I’m able to learn everyone’s name, know their ages and a bit about their personalities.  Therefore, our session will be much more personal, and you can feel more relaxed.  And then I can get more natural, candid photos of your family, which reflect your true spirits.

Scouting/previewing your location, planning for what we will need there, bathroom access, etc.

I provide extra supplies we might need:  comb, mirror, first aid cream, band aids, etc.

2) Back-Up Equipment.

For instance, I bring my back-up camera, memory cards, charged batteries, in case of any issues.  I also multiply back-up your digital images in my office storage system.  I view these extra costs for my business as essential to ensuring you’ll have a secure, professional experience.

3) Styling Services.




I offer all clients a complimentary style consultation while planning our session.

My studio has a beautiful Client Closet with women’s and children’s clothing that you are welcome to borrow for your session.

4) Professional Development.

I continue my photography education, always improving my work, and providing you the best possible experience.

5) Highest Quality Experience.


portrait of family standing on grass in a park, holding hands and smiling at each other.


The demand for my work is high.  My price point allows me to keep my number of sessions to a point where I can have enough time and energy to give the best experience and results to each of my amazing families.

I hope this gives you more clarity on the experience you would have with me.  Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

With love,  Beth


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