peach colored pretty dress with ruffles at shoulders.

July 27, 2020

Wondering what to wear for your photo session?

I have a studio wardrobe that some of my clients love to use for their sessions, whether in my studio, or anywhere else!

Let me show you my collection, free for you to borrow.



I’m so excited to let you know about all the beautiful clothing pieces I stock in my studio, ready for you to consider for your photos.  I shop for classic, timeless styles that flatter, so you’ll feel beautiful on your day, and your children will look adorable and timeless as well!  I work with a soft, neutral color palette, choosing high-quality boutique clothes that will look great in photographs.

I’d love to give you this virtual tour of some of the studio wardrobe pieces!


studio wardrobe: beautiful lace gown for maternity photo sessions

studio wardrobe: peach colored pretty dress with ruffles at shoulders.

studio wardrobe: detail of white lace long gown, with embroidered flowers, hanging in front of window.

studio wardrobe: blush dotted women's dress hanging near window. long sleeves, textured dots on fabric, same color.

studio wardrobe: blush dotted dress, bodice shown, next to window. On hanger, showing texture detail of embroidered circles of same color on fabric.

Along with clothes, I have sweet, natural wood toys for little ones, pretty wraps, and other accessories, such as headbands and the cutest little hats.

wooden elephant toy on fluffy white rug. cute stuffed white dog toy for baby. Pale gray and white. very soft.

studio wardrobe: pale blue toddler boy outfit, for photo session.

studio wardrobe: floral blue baby romper.

studio wardrobe: Floral smocked baby dress.

Lots of families wear their own outfits for their sessions, and of course, that’s terrific.

Studio wardrobe and accessories are simply to add to what you have, or to be helpful if you’d like!

printed, sweet infant wraps.

studio wardrobe: baby sweater and pants outfit.


studio wardrobe: color swatches showing my photography palette for clothing.


studio wardrobe: white onesie handing on wooden background.


tiny wire nest and blue eggs inside. decorative item, sitting on a white blanket.

baby headbands on a rack, for newborn photo sessions.


studio wardrobe: baby sitting on the ground in beige overall shorts.


studio wardrobe: baby in shorts and striped sweater, in photo session.

Just note that these are just some of my studio wardrobe pieces.  There’s lots more, so let me know what feel and style you love, and I’ll pull out more suggestions for you!

And again, of course, you absolutely don’t have to wear my studio clothes or accessories!  Many families choose their own clothing, and that’s great!

Studio Wardrobe: What To Wear For Your Session