take great photos indoors. a girl is looking out the window from her room, with pretty afternoon sun falling on her face.

April 16, 2020

Taking great photos indoors just takes understanding a few key photographer’s techniques.  Are you totally frustrated with the results you get when taking pictures of your family indoors?  Just read on to get tips that will make your photos so much better, and make the whole experience fun and creative.


Yes, you CAN take artistic, cool photos in your house, or anywhere indoors!  With these simple tips, and a little bit of planning ahead,  you can take your family photos to the next level. 🙂


  1. Bring out your camera early in the morning, or late in the day, near sunset.  Why?  Because both at the beginning and end of the day, the sun is lower in the sky, and you can get beautiful light streaming through your windows, into the house.  At mid-day, the sun is directly overhead, and over the roof, where you don’t get as much light indoors.
  2. Turn off the lights, and find the natural light.  Look around your house, and find where those rays of light from your windows are falling onto your floors.  Place your child in that spot of light, and then click away.
  3. Place your child right next to a window, looking outside.  Then stand right next to the window, or nearby wall, and shoot.  You’ll get beautiful, moody photos of your child’s face, with darker areas away from the window.
  4. Open up an outside door, and stand with your camera in the doorway, facing into the house. Have your child somewhere near the door area, and the light from outside be beautiful on your subject!
  5. Plan ahead, when possible, for the day you want to take photos of your child indoors.  When you know in advance, you can choose clothes you’d like your child to wear, and any details of his or her hair or other details that might matter to you.  You can also bring out a toy or activity that your child will enjoy playing with, such as bubbles, or a favorite doll.  That will make for natural, candid photos, with movement and genuine expressions.

Looking through my website galleries, see how I have taken my indoor shots.  Notice where the light is, and how it helps set the mood and tell the story of what’s going on. Are the people near a window or door?  What are they wearing, and what are they doing?

Of course, sometimes you’re just hanging out at home, and your child does something adorable that you just need to grab your camera and catch it!  In that case, just go for it, and the light and location will be what it is.  And these photos can be the best. But if you can try these tips, I think you’ll have fun with them. Taking great photos indoors is in your future!

Taking Great Photos Indoors – 5 Tips/Boston Newborn and Family Photographer