a collage of photos showing outfits for kids, moms and dads to wear for photo shoots

April 23, 2020

Need help choosing what to wear for your photo session?  Don’t worry – I’ve got you!  I can help you and your family look and feel terrific.  Years of working with children and families has given me lots of experience with what colors and styles work well, and what will stand the test of time.  Here are three tips for you in planning your outfits, and lots of photos of outfit ideas.



In an earlier blog post, I showed you a palette of colors I am loving for photo sessions.  These are colors I gravitate toward because of their softness, natural shades and how they flatter any skin tones.  They work well outdoors or inside, spring, summer and fall.  They don’t challenge the natural shades of green surrounding us when we shoot in natural settings, and they don’t pull our eyes away from the most important aspect of the photo – the people!



I want to take a next step here, and give you some ideas of styles, silhouettes and fabrics that I think work really well.  They fall into the color palette I love, and they are comfortable, flowy, and flexible enough to look great and feel secure when you sit on the ground, play, lay down, reach up in the air and snuggle your kids.

Using my experience photographing many families, babies and children for several years now, I want to help you feel and look amazing in your photos!



Please remember, as you look at the photos ahead, that I intend this to be only suggestions!  Many people ask me for recommendations on what to wear to a photo session, and so I want to provide them.  But it’s completely fine too if you have other ideas, prefer other styles, or colors!!  I want YOU to love your photos, of course, so please know that I’m happy to work with you on your OWN vision.  Any clothing you love is what’s perfect for you!

One more thing.

I found these inspiration photos on current websites, as of April 2020.  My hope is that, if you like these looks, I’m giving you a starting point of a few websites, to peruse.  These particular pieces may not be available at this point.

Again, I just pulled things that I would choose for clients if asked for suggestions!  I am not affiliated in ANY way with any of these retailers.  I’m listing the website and item info for each photo, so that I am giving full credit to the retailers and their website photography.


Enjoy browsing and envisioning!! xo




what to wear for your photo shoot? Many photos of maternity clothes for a photo shoot.

Maternity Inspiration

These looks are from motherhood.comasos.com,   seraphine.comchristydawn.com.


 Many photos of women's clothes for photo shoot


Women’s Inspiration

These looks are from anthropologie.com, nordstrom.com, freepeople.com.



 many photos of men's clothing ideas for photo shoot.

Men’s Looks

Take a look at stagprovisions.com, bananarepublic.com, jcrew.com, gap.com, everlane.com.


what to wear for your photo session. Many kids' clothing ideas for photo shoot.

Kids’ Outfit Ideas

Check out jamieandjack.comgarnethill.combodenusa.comminimori.comzara.com.



What to Wear For Your Photo Session