mother stands in front of window, holding her tiny newborn baby. They are looking at each other.

June 16, 2020

Natural newborn posing. newborn baby being held by his mama, and looking at camera. Mama is holding his tiny hand.


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I don’t agree with posing newborns.  And as a photographer, I always want to prepare my clients on this topic so they know what to expect

I always want my clients to feel that I not only met their expectations, but I exceeded them!   It’s so important that I communicate effectively to my clients about exactly what my photography work is like, my style, my philosophy, before someone chooses to work with me.  For example, I want families to know right up front that I don’t use props or posing in my newborn sessions.  If a client is disappointed in the end, it would mean that I didn’t do my job of preparing her in advance.  And I never want that to happen.

Natural newborn posing. black and white photo of mother holding her newborn baby to her chest. Baby is curling into her, and is wearing a diaper.

It’s essential that I let potential clients know that I do not use props or unnatural-looking poses when photographing newborns

I believe newborns are incredibly beautiful just as they are!  Their tiny, miraculous bodies, their facial expressions, stretches, yawns, tears are what they do naturally, and this is what I love to capture.  I don’t ever feel comfortable putting a baby at risk by forcing him or her into any position that is not naturally something that a newborn might do, or using a prop such as a bucket, or a book shelf, that could be dangerous.

natural newborn posing. color photo of a mother holding her newborn baby boy up to her shoulder. Standing near a window, light coming in. Mother's hair falls down her back.

My style is about simplicity, focusing on the unposed baby, and not on other objects or bright clothing that would distract your eye from the beauty of your baby

Over the years, styles will change, and what you think is cute now may not strike you the same way years from now.  By keeping the photos simple, not posing newborns with props, and using soft, neutral colors, you’ll love your photos just as much later, no matter what the styles are like.  And your photos will blend with any interior home design or color scheme.

In an earlier post, I talked about how to decide whether to have your newborn session in the hospital or when you get home.  Check out this post for more of my philosophy on natural, unposed newborn photos.

If this approach sounds like yours, be in touch!  I’d love to create beautiful photos together.

Posing Newborns with Props-My Thoughts/Boston Newborn Photographer