10 great colors for your next photo shoot. This shows many color samples, showing lots of shades of peach, blue, white, beige, rust, that look great in photos.

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Here are lots of  great colors for your next photo shoot!  These soft, natural shades are flattering for photographs, and are easy to find for moms, dads and little ones.  Look for jeans, soft blue shirts and sweaters, khaki pants for dads and boys, creams and tans for girls and guys. As for pinks, I’m […]

March 17, 2020

newborn photos in hospital or at home? One photo of mother holding baby in hospital, and other side of split shows family with newborn at home, sitting on couch.

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Should you choose hospital newborn “Fresh 48” or newborn photos at home?  Moms often tell me they can’t decide whether to have their professional newborn while they’re in the hospital, or when they get home.  There are wonderful things about each. Fresh 48/hospital photos Photos in the hospital, called a “Fresh 48” session,  as in […]

March 7, 2020